Information Alliance, Inc.

IT Professional Services

Diversity and Inclusion
At Information Alliance, Inc., welcoming and valuing diversity is woven into the fabric of our company.  To us, diversity is not simply a matter of considering a broader cross-section of racial, ethnic, religous, and/or gender differences.  It is recognizing that those differences enrich us as a company and as individuals.  

Our Suppliers
Our commitment to diversity is no more apparent than with the long-term subcontracting relationships we have forged with many of our suppliers.  They share our values, and together
it strengthens our relationships and enhances the value we bring to our clients.  Our subcontractors include firms from the following:

                         *  Minority-owned firms
                         *  Women-owned firms
                         *  Emerging small businesses


Our Staff
Since our company's inception, the diversity of our consulting staff has remained an integral part of who we are.  To us, diversity and inclusion are not merely statements on a web site.  They are foundational cornerstones of our company, and have contributed to our success and growth.

Our Vision
In our increasingly global and interconnected world, those who embrace the values of diversity will not only have a competitive advantage due to their access to an invaluable source of human capital, but will be better-positioned to "pay it forward" to tomorrow's global work force who will be our future consultants and business owners.