Information Alliance, Inc.

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Who We Are

Management Consulting
Information Alliance, Inc. is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals by providing expertise in project management and business analysis, with specialization in data warehouse, document management, and information delivery implementations.  Our depth and breadth of experience, coupled with a structured approach helps clients transform data into useful information.

Certified Project Managers
When you engage Information Alliance to manage your project, you gain the experience and expertise of a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a seasoned background in managing full-lifecycle projects for Fortune 500 clients.  Certified project managers combine formal education with real world experience a winning combination that will provide the necessary leadership and value to your implementation.

Proven Methodologies
Our implementation strategies have been honed through years of experience with project management, business analysis, and project implementations for several companies across many business sectors (regulated and non-regulated).  Our strategy is based on a proven methodology which focuses on identifying the key business drivers, then following though with a project plan that meets the project objectives and delivers tangible, quantifiable assets.

Pacific Northwest Based
Our consultants have managed dozens of project for Pacific North
west companies, including one of the largest regional electric utilities.  Part of the expertise we brought to the table was the ability to assist the utility in working with external regulators and interveners, to increase the accuracy and efficiency of information delivery and data responses.  This improved regulatory compliance, and reduced operating costs.  These cost savings were ultimately passed on to ratepayers in the form of cost avoidance.

Emphasis on Planning and Analysis
We place strong emphasis on planning and analysis activities.  Specifically, ensuring executive-level sponsorship is in place, and that user requirements and concerns are completely understood and documented. 
Finally, Information Alliance works closely with clients to develop an incremental roadmap that documents a phased approach to delivering capitalizable assets along the way to arriving at the final solution.