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Public Sector

State and local governments face diverse operational and financial challenges across a broad spectrum of departments and organizations.  They are under continuous pressure to identify and execute cost saving measures, improve effectiveness of public programs, and do so more efficiently and with greater transparency that ever before.


How We Can Help

Case Management


Government entities oversee large groups of local citizens, often with limited human and technical resources.  The ability to reduce manual processes, increase throughput, and maintain quality outcomes is paramount to an agency’s ability to fulfill its obligation to the public.


Information Alliance has led case management system implementations for multiple state agencies.  We are experts in helping our clients with the transition from manual, paper-based processes to automated workflow solutions with enhanced data capture and productivity monitoring and optimization capabilities.


Business Process Reengineering


Public-facing programs are often criticized for being inefficient, overlooking the true target audience, and being slow to respond.  Agencies are often aware of these challenges, but unable to modernize due to enormous work backlogs and budget constraints.


Information Alliance has extensive experience in this area, and has led BPR initiatives for multiple agencies.  Our prior engagements have delivered workflow automation and efficiency improvements through dynamically-driven eligibility applications, rules-based eligibility determination, improved data input validation, and streamlined application processing for several public assistance programs.



Data Analytics


The vast amount of government data provides tremendous opportunities to increase efficiencies and improve outcomes.  Yet, this can only occur with an understanding of how to leverage this often largely untapped asset.


Information Alliance, Inc. has a demonstrated ability to transform data into useful information, facilitating enhanced decision making and improved operational performance for our clients.  We have a proven track record of helping public sector clients leverage their information assets to increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the outcomes of public programs.


Project and Program Management


Successful delivery of publicly funded programs and projects requires the ability to stay within scope, schedule, and budget.  But, this is no easy undertaking, especially with large-scale initiatives.


Project and program management has been a cornerstone of our business model since inception. We are experts at providing project leadership for enterprise-level IT initiatives.  Our experience ranges from staffing and managing enterprise-level, integrated BI initiatives through the entire project lifecycle, to targeted consulting engagements designed to deliver departmental or tactical solutions.  This work excites us, and it is what we do best.


Technology Modernization


Public sector entities are being asked to do more with less, and keeping up with this demand will require significant technology investments.  But, where to start and how to best allocate limited human and financial resources is the challenge.


Information Alliance has significant experience with helping government agencies develop technology modernization roadmaps and then execute on those roadmaps.  Our experience spans several disciplines including:


*  Transportation Data Analytics
*  Case Management
*  Electronic filing (e-Filing)
*  Enterprise Content Management
*  Data Warehousing
*  Election/voting systems

Enterprise Resource Planning


ERP implementations are one of the most challenging modernizations facing organizations due to their size, complexity and functional span.  Governments have the additional complication of union contracts, position control, legacy system data migration, process standardization and breadth of functional areas included in the project scope.


Information Alliance consultants have successfully implemented ERPs in state and local governments, in both on premises and cloud delivery models.   Our expertise includes:


*  Procurement
*  HR/Payroll
*  Finance/Budget/Accounting
*  Inventory/warehouse management


Organizational Change Management


Organizational change management is the number one success factor for transformation projects.  This is particularly important when significant process, technology and role change are occurring, as is often the case with government modernization projects.


Our project managers, engagement managers, and business analysts are seasoned professionals who have developed and executed organizational change plans for multiple public sector clients.