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Business Analysis

Requirements Analysis


Effective business analysis enables a company to identify those projects that will deliver the greatest value, and then direct the company’s limited resources to those projects.  This requires an ability to quantify tangible benefits, articulate a set of clear and unambiguous requirements, and trace those requirements through the project lifecycle.


One of our core strengths is the ability to work closely with our clients, identify their business and information needs, and document a set of verifiable business requirements necessary to drive subsequent design activities.


Process Analysis


A disciplined and comprehensive approach to business analysis must also include an ability to analyze and model business processes (current and future).  It requires an understanding of business process improvement and business process reengineering frameworks and how and when to apply them.  Establishing and maintaining effective and efficient business processes are critical to business performance and overall success.


Information Alliance will employ a range of established techniques and frameworks to help you optimize or reengineer your business processes, reduce operational costs, and improve business performance.  This approach can be applied to customer-facing business functions as well as internal support functions.

Our Strengths

      ♦   Requirements Elicitation and Documentation
      ♦   Joint Application Design
      ♦   Business Process Modeling
      ♦   Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
      ♦   Requirements Traceability
      ♦   Cost/Benefit Analysis
      ♦   Business Case Development
      ♦   Risk Management

What Sets Us Apart

      ♦   A disciplined approach to understanding business problems
      ♦   An ability to identify and articulate specific requirements tied to business objectives
      ♦   Our experience with a broad range of analysis tools and techniques
      ♦   Effective communication skills honed by education and experience
      ♦   Expertise in helping clients choose amone competing options and alternatives