Information Alliance, Inc.

IT Professional Services

Enterprise Content Management

Information Alliance, Inc. is a professional member of the Association for Image and Information Management
(AIIM).  Our consultants have filled business analyst and project manager roles on several content management and records management projects using the
FileNet P8 platform.  From base system implementations to custom document class and search and entry screen creations, we can help you identify the solution to manage your critical business content.

Implementing an efficient and effective means of managing a company's vast amount of electronic content requires a detailed understanding of the document metadata.  The majority of this metadata is defined by business users to assist with proper document entry, and accurate and efficient search and retrieval.  Once defined, the metadata must be modeled in a taxonomy that supports business processes, while fitting into a higher-level enterprise data model.  Information Alliance can assist with this important activity.  To stay current with business trends, industry best practices, and technology offerings, we leverage our membership in AIIM.


Typical client requests;
  • We have multiple copies of documents and records, and recognize the benefits of bringing these under a more centralized management.  Can you help?
  • Our paper-based system is cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient.  Can you help us migrate to an electronic content-based model?
  • Our documents lack the necessary audit controls (e.g. version control, security, change history, etc.).  We need help identifying and documenting the specific business requirements to drive the solution.
  • We’re being asked to place more compliance processes around our company’s records.  What are our options?