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Data Integration Services

With data integration, there is no room for ambiguity.  Business logic, data validation rules, transformation rules, and data mapping logic must be clearly defined in order for data transfer jobs, packages, etc. to be properly built, tested, and implemented.  Information Alliance possesses a breadth and depth of experience in assisting clients with data integration projects, having done this for multiple projects across multiple public and private sectors.

We take a disciplined approach to our data integration design and development work so that the resulting decisions and deliverables will support an enterprise-level architecture that can adapt to

changing needs over time.  With this in mind, we prepare tailored integration strategies and roadmaps

to ensure our client's integration projects are successful.

Our Strengths

      ♦   Data Architecture and Modeling
      ♦   Integration Roadmap Development
      ♦   Data Cleansing
      ♦   Data Migrations
      ♦   Data Quality Assessments
      ♦   Data Analysis
      ♦   Data Latency Issues
      ♦   Master Data Management and Data Governance
      ♦   Data De-Duplication

What Sets Us Apart

      ♦   Deep expertise across a broad set of integration technologies and tool sets
      ♦   Solid understanding of integration techniques and how to apply them
      ♦   Extensive experience across the full SDLC lifecycle
      ♦   Knowledge and experience across multiple business sectors
      ♦   Experienced at helping our clients establish data governence policies and procedures