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IT Staffing Services

As businesses continue to evolve and grow, so will the need to hire exceptional IT talent.  The Information Alliance IT staffing services team has extensive experience in the technology industry and understands the local job market.  We can help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few weeks or for the long term.


We have proven experience in delivering qualified, reliable IT professionals.  We are passionate about identifying great people for our clients.  Our recruiters are not merely “resume finders”.  They are trusted advisors and relationship builders.  They are experts in conducting technical screenings and evaluating people skills.  This ensures that we deliver IT professionals who are professional, technically competent, and the right match for your cultural environment.

Benefits to Our Clients

Cost Containment – Many companies do not have the human or financial resources to devote to the recruitment of temporary staff.  We do this work for you.

Highly-Qualified Resources – Let us work for you to find the best resources available.  Our staff augmentation model helps clients locate and secure top talent.  It is what we do.

Risk Mitigation – Information Alliance, Inc. will help reduce your project risks by providing resources targeted to your needs.  We will also conduct the necessary pre-screening and background checks for you.

Time SavingsBy hiring Information Alliance, you are hiring a dedicated recruiting and placement team to bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to your work process.  By leveraging our network of technical resources, recruiting staff, and our resume searching and job posting process, we can locate hard to fill skill sets quickly.

Workload Balancing -
Staff augmentation is beneficial when there is a need to add temporary talent for specific technical expertise, large projects and backlogs, or filling in for employees on maternity, disability, or military leave.  Staff augmentation will enable you to temporarily ramp up when workload demands are high, and quickly trim your workflorce when demand slows, thereby enabling you to achieve a greater degree of stability with your FTE work force.

Staffing Expertise

      ♦   Project and Program Managers
      ♦   Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts
      ♦   Data Warehouse Architects
      ♦   Business Intelligence Developers
      ♦   Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) Developers
      ♦   Data Analysts, Modelers, and Architects
      ♦   Business and Systems Analysts
      ♦   Software Developers (multiple technologies)
      ♦   Instructional Designers and Technical Trainers
      ♦   Process Modelers and Analysts
      ♦   Database and Systems Administrators